“Trusting that this coming first excursion may be enjoyed by all and that it may be the beginning of annual gatherings of like character for our mutual benefit and the fuller knowledge of our great out-of-door science, I remain faithfully yours.” — Harry N. Eaton, Syracuse University, April 25, 1925

2020 NYSGA Annual Conference Postponed to 2021

Due to significant challenges in running field conferences at this time, it is with deep disappointment the NYSGA postpones the 2020 field conference to Fall 2021.
It has become clear to the NYSGA Advisory Board that the full benefits of the annual conference will not be realized in the accommodation of necessary public health protection. The safety of all participants is paramount. Running field trips that comply with state health guidelines changes the nature of the conference fundamentally. Close contact among participants will be eliminated and student involvement greatly reduced. The most important loss would be the curbing of the typical, naturally passionate debate in the field that is the hallmark of conferences for more than a century.
We thank all of the field trip leaders for stepping up and preparing guidebook articles. We look forward to running their field trips and others in 2021.
In the meantime, we are preparing an announcement inviting everyone to produce video field trips that can be uploaded to the NYSGA website. Look for this announcement soon. Although videos do not substitute for in-person field experiences, they can serve as academic resources and archives for NYSGA members, students, and the general public.  
Gary S. Solar, Ph.D., NYSGA President
Associate Professor, Department of Earth Sciences and Science Education
SUNY Buffalo State

Future Conferences

2021 NYSGA Annual Meeting, SUNY Buffalo, originally scheduled Fall 2020 (contact: Gary Solar)
2022 NYSGA Annual Meeting, SUNY Oswego (contact: David Valentino, David.valentino@oswego.edu)