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 1977 Geological contexts of archeological sites on the Susquehanna River flood plain

 2005  Monitoring coastal change near Eastern Lake Ontario
2003  Coastal interfluve paleosols and deltaic deposits of the Sonyea Group, Delaware County
 2000  Lake Ontario Coastal Geology and Land Management Processes, Products and Policy
 1999  Encounters of Natural, Fiscal and Legal Kinds Harborcreek-Shades Beach, PA
 1996  A Survey of the Natural and Urbanized Shorelines on Long Island - Dilemma in Coastal Management
1992  Sedimentation-Erosion Patterns along the Southeastern Shoreline of Lake Ontario
1990  Beach Processes and Coastal Morphology Along A Recurved Sand Spit, Presque Isle, PA
1980  Coastal Dynamics and Environments On Sandy Hook, NJ
 1975  Shinnecock Flood Tidal Delta and Coastal Stabilization Problems West of Shinnecock Inlet
1975  Geological Oceanography of Long Island Sound and Sedimentary Dynamics of A Coastal Pond 

2018  Iron oxide-Apatite (IOA) deposits, Cheever and Mineville
 2015  Igneous origin for magnetite-fluorapatite ores on the Eastern Adirondacks
 2014  History and geology review of magnetic iron mining in the Western Adirondacks
 2014  Three and a Half Skarns
 2014  Geology of the Balmat Zinc Region
 2014  Geochemistry of tourmaline as indicator of host environment
 2009  Economic geology of the Central Hudson Valley
 2008  Origin of the Lewis Wollastonite
 2008  Mining history, mineralogy and origin of the Mineville-Port Henry region, Essex County
 2008  Geology and history of the Barton Garnet Mine, Gore Mt. and the NL Ilmenite Mine, Tahawus
 2007  Mineralization at the Knox unconformity and the Western Adirondack paleosurface
 2004  Mineral Collecting at J&L Steel Corporation, Benson Mines, Star Lake
 2002  Geology and Mineral Deposits of the Northeastern Adirondack Highlands
 2002  Geology and History of Barton Garnet Mine, Gore Mt. and the NL Ilmenite Mine, Tahawus
 1998  Cornwall-Type Iron Ores of Pennsylvania
 1997  Geologic Field Guide to the Balmat Zinc Mine, St. Lawrence County
 1997  Herkimer Diamond Mine Field Trip
 1995  Devonian Carbonates and Economic Resources of Blue Circle and Callanan Quarries
 1995  Wollastonite Deposits of the Northeastern Adirondacks
 1995  Building Stones of Schenectady
 1995  Geology and History of Barton Mines Corporation, Gore Mountain Mine
 1993  Some Classic Mineral Collecting Sites In St. Lawrence County
 1992  Geology of Anorthosite-Mangerite-Chamockite-Granite (AMGC) Suite and Related Ore
 1991  History, Economy, and Geology of the Bluestone Industry in New York State
 1988  Iron Industry of The Eastern Adirondack Region
 1988  Geology of The Willsboro Wollastonite Mine
 1985  Mineralogy of Saratoga County
 1984  Sterling Mine, Antwerp, New look at an Old locality
 1983  Selected Mineral Occurrences in St. Lawrence and Jefferson Counties
 1980  Landscape Features and Bog Iron Ore Deposits of the New Jersey Pine Barrens
 1980  Economic Geology of New Jersey Highlands
 1980  Uranium and Rare Earth Mineralization At Demeo Mine, Cranberry Lake, New Jersey
 1980  Iron Ore Deposits of The New Jersey Highlands
 1980  Geologic Setting of The Sterling Hill Zinc-Iron-Manganese Deposit
 1979  Economic Geology of the Hudson River Valley
 1975  Placer Mining and Mineral Beneficiation of Ilmenite Sand Deposits Near Lakehurst, NJ
 1973  Mineral Collecting At Penfield Quarry
 1971  Economic Geology of International Talc and Benson Iron Mines
 1971  Mineral Collecting In St. Lawrence County
 1970  Mineral Industries in Parts of Onondaga, Cortland and Tompkins Counties
1967  Economic Geology of the Mid-Hudson Valley Region

2013  Hindcasting, forecasting, and controlling erosion at the Western New York Nuclear Service Center
1997  Investigation of the 1993 Tully Valley Landslide
1997  Rock-Block Slide on Bare Mountain, Southern Onondaga County
1994  Land Instability in the Genesee River Valley, Livingston County
1989  Slope Stability Design, Construction and Remedial Treatment
1982  Geologic and Engineering History of Presque Isle Peninsula, PA
1978  Engineering Geology at Nine Mile Point
1976  Engineering and Environmental Geology of the Hudson Valley Power Sites
1976  Visual Pollution of The Proposed Nuclear Reactor Site In The town of Lloyd, Ulster County
1975  Geotechnical Considerations At Shoreham Nuclear Power Station
1971  Some Aspects of Engineering Geology In The St. Lawrence Valley and Northwest Adirondack Lowlands
1969  Recent Sedimentation and Water Properties, Lake Champlain
1968  Deep-Well Injection of Treated Waste Water - Experiment in Re-Use of Groundwater, Long Island

 2018  Heavy Metal Contamination from illegal burn piles in an ecologically sensitive site, West Haven, VT
2017  Exploring the surficial geology and hydrology near Alfred, NY
2016  Filtratering metal contaminants from tailings, Sterling Lake Smelter Complex, Hudson Highlands
2016  Environmental geology of the Hackensack Meadowlands Estuary, NJ
2015  Non-Point Source Pollution in the Little Chazy River
2015  Current research in structure, stratigraphy, and hydrogeology in the Champlain Valley Belt, VT
2014  Water quality basics for work in the environmental field
2012  Hydrogeology of a sand and peat aquifer, Rome Sand Plains
2012  Environmental and geotechnical drilling
2010  Remediation at Lemon and Mill Creek Sites, Staten Island, New York
2008  Chemical weathering and calcium depletion in Adirondack soils
2006  Famous hazardous waste sites and fractured rock hydrology of the Niagara Falls area
2002  Influence of Geology on the Acidification of Adirondack Lakes and Streams
2002  Geochemistry and Source of the Saratoga Springs
1999  Quaternary Geology and Water Supply Issues
1998  Environmental Geophysics
1997  Madison County Department of Solid Waste Landfill Facilities
1997  Hydrogeologic Features of the Tully Valley, Onondaga County
1995  Treatment of Surface and Groundwater, Mohawk Valley Water Treatment Plant
1995  Environmental Technology and Preservation: Pine Bush, Landfills, and Groundwater Integrity
1995  Groundwater Aquifers of the Upper Mohawk Valley
1994  Hydrogeology of Landfill Sites in Western New York
1991  Environmental Geology and Hydrology of the Oneonta area
1991  Hydrogeology of glacial drift in through valleys near Dryden and Cortland
1987  Karst and Stream Considerations Middle Rondout and Esopus Valleys, Ulster County
1985  Geology, History and Environmental Problems of the Upper Hudson Champlain Valley
1984  Pleistocene Geology, Groundwater, and Land Uses of Tug Hill and Bridgewater Aquifers, Oneida County
1984  Groundwater Contamination From Rome Sanitary Landfill
1981  Hydrology In Relation to Glacial Geology Along The Susquehanna River Valley, Binghamton to Owego
1981  Environmental Problems of The Binghamton Area
1980  Environmental Geology of The Hackensack Meadowlands
1980  Environmental Geologic Traverse, West Orange to Berkeley Heights, NJ
1976  Environmental Geology of Lloyd Nuclear Power Plant Site
1975  Environmental Geology of Democrat Point, Fire Island, and Jones Beach Barrier Island
1975  Case Study of Geo-environmental Stress Jamaica Bay
1974  Selected Problems of Environmental Geology in Chautauqua County

2013  Eurypterid-bearing Bertie Group microbialites, Western NY and Ontario
2011  Silurian and Devonian eurypterid horizons in Upstate NY
2005  Facies changes within Silurian-Devonian eurypterid beds
2002  Eurypterids - Central-Eastern New York Field Trip
1999  An Examination of Eurypterid Occurrences in the Williamsville Formation, Ridgemount Quarry
1997  Eurypterids and Associated Fauna at Litchfield, A Classic Locality in Herkimer County
1990  Eurypterid Biofacies of The Silurian-Devonian Evaporite Sequence, Niagara Peninsula
1982  Eurypterids, Stratigraphy, Late Silurian-Early Devonian of Western New York State and Ontario
1978  Eurypterid Horizons and Stratigraphy of Upper Silurian and Lower Devonian of Central-Eastern NY
1973  Eurypterid Horizons and The Stratigraphy of The Upper Silurian and Lower Devonian of Western NY

2018  A traverse through the Suture Zone between Laurentia and the Moretown Terrane, Northwestern MA
2016  Geology of Staten Island
2004  Excursion to Mt. Arab near Tupper Lake
2003  A Visit to the Land of Gilboa: Catskill Delta Complex, Oyaron Hill, Hartwick College
2002  Best Kept Geologic Secrets of the Adirondacks and Champlain Valley
2002  Geology of the Mt. Independence State Historic Site, Orwell, VT
2002  Acadian Extension Around the Chester Dome, VT
2000  Survey of the Geology of the Northwestern Adirondack Mountains and Black River Valley
1999  Geology of the Zoar Valley Gorge of Cattaraugus Creek, Cattaraugus and Erie Counties
1998  Field Illustrations of Geologic Features in the Upper Susquehanna Valley and Adjacent Mohawk Valley
1996  Highlights of Staten Island Geology
1995  Geology of Clarksville Cave, Albany County
1994  Geology of the Erie Canal, Rochester Gorge, and Eastern Monroe County
1992  Geology of the Mohawk and Black River Valleys
1992  Surficial Geology and Soils of Southern Madison County
1991  Subsurface Geology of The Finger Lakes Region
1991  Field Illustrations Geologic Features in the Upper Susquehanna Valley and Adjacent Mohawk Region
1990  A Few of Our Favorite Places - An Environmental and Geological Excursion In Chautauqua County
1989  A Geologic Climb of Schunemunk Mountain, Hudson Lowlands
1988  Geology and Petrology of Mounts Johnson & St. Hilaire, Monteregian Hills Petrographic Province
1986  Geological Summary of The Cayuga Region
1984  Bedrock Geology of The Grampus Lake Area, Long Lake Quadrangle
1983  A Few of the Best Outcrops in the North Country
1983  Geologic Traverse from Potsdam to the Thousand Islands
1980  Geology of The Ridge and Valley Province, Northwestern NJ Jersey and Eastern PA
1978  Moss Island, Little Falls
1977  Geologic Setting of Upper Susquehanna and Adjacent Mohawk Region
1977  Mineralogy and Geology of The Newcomb and Sanford Lake Area
1976  Walking tour of Historic Fishkill
1975  Geological Aspects of Staten Island
1975  Natural and Man-Made Erosional Cycle - Fire Island
1969  Bedrock Geology of the southern Portion of the Hinesburg Synclinorium, VT
1968  Bedrock Geology in the Vicinity of White Plains
1968  Excursion to the Sterling and Franklin Area in the Highlands of NJ 

2016  Fracture and lithologic control on karst and groundwater flow, Delaware Water Gap, NJ
2015  Bennie’s Brook Landslide: A window into the igneous core of the Marcy Anorthosite
2013  River avulsion by Chautauqua Creek
2010  Delaware Water Gap, a geology classroom
2009  Fluvial geomorphology of the Upper Esopus Creek watershed and implications for stream management
2007  Subsidence and landslides in Tully Valley, Central NY
2007  Applied geomorphology for land use and planning in Cortland
2006  Quaternary geology and landforms between Buffalo and Genesee Valley
2004  1993 Lemieux landslide and Mer Bleue bog, Southeastern Ontario
2003  Karst of the Schoharie Valley
2002  Geomorphologic Factors in the Failure of General Burgoyne's Northern Campaign of 1777
1999  Holocene Meander Incision Imposed Across a Buried Valley Wall
1995  Fluvial Geomorphology of the Plotterkill Preserve
1987  Block streams At Millbrook Mountain, town of Gardiner, Ulster County
1986  Geomorphology of The Cayuga Lake Basin
1982  Sedimentologic and Geomorphic Processes and Evolution of Buttermilk Valley, West Valley
1981  Geomorphology of South-Central New York
1980  Passaic River Flood Plain and Basin In New Jersey Problems of Encroachment
1978  Geomorphology of the Southeastern Tug Hill Plateau
1977  Karst Geomorphology of The Cobleskill Area, Schoharie County

2016  Electrical environmental geophysics in Northern NJ
2015  Borehole geophysical demonstration at Altona Flat Rock
2004  Damage sites and proposed epicenter for the 1944 Cornwall-Massena earthquake
1995  Seismic risk assessment of Columbia County
1993  Potsdam College Seismic Network
1989  Earthquake activity in The Greater New York City Area
1984  Seismicity in The Central Adirondacks with emphasis on the Goodnow Earthquake, October 7, 1984
1983  Seismology, tectonics and engineering geology in the St. Lawrence Valley and Northwest Adirondacks
1982  Geophysical signature of Central and Western New York 

 2018  New views on the deglaciation of Mt. Mansfield
2018  New insights into Glacial Lakes Vermont and Albany
2018  Mount Greylock as a cosmogenic nuclide indicator of Laurentide ice sheet thinning
2017  Glacial features and the “Great Divide” between Watkins Glen and Ithaca
2015  Quaternary deglaciation of the Champlain Valley with examples from the Ausable River Valley
2015  Ice retreat and re-advance across the Green Mountain Foothills, VT
2013  Field musings on glacial and geo-political boundaries
2012  Quaternary geology of the Oneida Lake Basin Part 1
2012  Quaternary geology of the Oneida Lake Basin Part 2
2010  Glacial geology and geomorphology of the Passai, Hackensack, and Lower Hudson Valleys, NY and NJ
2009  Deglaciation in the Southeastern Laurentide Sector and the Hudson Valley
2008  Deglacial history of the Upper Hudson Region
2007  Pleistocene glaciation of the Tioughnioga River and Fall Creek Valleys
2007  Glacial and environmental geology of the Onondaga Trough, Central NY
2005  Sloperville bog and eskers
2004  Initial deglaciation of the Adirondacks and development of Fulton Chain Lakes
2003  Glacial environments along the retreating Laurentide ice sheet, Northeastern Appalachian Plateau
2002  Late glacial water bodies in the Champlain and St. Lawrence Lowlands and paleoclimatic Implications
2002  Glacial Lake Albany in the Champlain Valley
2002  Selected till and stratified drift deposits between Glens Falls and Amsterdam
2000  Proglacial Lakes, Southern Cayuga and Seneca Valleys
2000  Glacial Features of the Western Finger Lakes landscape
1998  Finger Lakes Gorges Revisited
1997  Drumlin-bluff and baymouth-barrier erosion Southeastern Lake Ontario
1997  Glacial lithostratigraphy of the Tully Valley Onondaga County
1996  Deglaciation of Central Long Island
1995  Glacial deposits in the Mohawk and Sacandaga Valleys or a Tale of Two Tongues Redux
1995  Geomorphology, paleoclimatology and land use of glaciated karst terrain, Albany County
1995  Paleofluvial record of Glacial Lake Iroquois in the Eastern Mohawk Valley
1994  Subsurface geology of the Lower Genesee River Valley Region - Implications for ice sheet erosion
1993  Late glacial origin of the Clinton County Flatrocks
1993  Bedrock erosional forms produced by glacial processes, No.2 Mine, Gouverneur Talc Co., Gouverneur
1992  Late Wisconsinan glacial lakes of the Western Mohawk Valley region of Central New York
1992  Late Pleistocene meltwater drainage through Central New York
1991  Interaction between karst and glaciation in the Helderberg Plateau, Schoharie and Albany Counties
1991  Active and stagnant ice retreat - Deglaciation of Central New York
1990  Paddling up A meltwater channel - A Late-Wisconsinan ice-marginal cruise Near Fredonia
1989  Deglacial history and environments of the Upper Wallkill Valley
1989  Pleistocene geology of Eastern Lower Hudson Valley
1988  Aspects of the glacial geology of Keene and Lower Ausable Valleys, Northeastern Adirondacks
1988  Late Wisconsinan lacustrine and marine environments in the Champlain Lowland, NY and VT
1988  Late Quaternary glacial to marine successions in the Central St. Lawrence Lowland
1987  Preglacial and Postglacial Drainage of The Central Hudson Valley
1986  Ice Readvance In The Valley of Fivemile Creek, Steuben County
1985  Glacial Geology and History of The Northern Hudson Basin, New York and Vermont
1985  Deglaciation of The Middle Mohawk and Sacandaga Valleys, Or A Tale of Two tongues
1984  Deglaciation and Correlation of Ice Margins, Appalachian Plateau
1984  Two Till Sequence at Dugway Road Exposure Southwest of Clinton
1984  Late Wisconsinan Glaciation of the West Canada Creek Valley
1983  Glacial Geology and Soils of the St. Lawrence-Adirondack Lowlands and the Adirondack Highlands
1982  Glacial Geology of The Erie Lowland and Adjoining Allegheny Plateau, Western New York
1982  Glacial and Engineering Geology Aspects of The Niagara Falls and Gorge
1981  Glacial Geology of The Chenango River Valley Between Binghamton and Norwich
1980  Late Wisconsin-Holocene History of The Lower Hudson Region
1980  Fossil Great Lakes of The Newark Supergroup In New Jersey
1979  Deglacial Events In The Eastern Mohawk - Northern Hudson Lowland
1979  Late Wisconsinan - Recent Geology of the Lower Rondout Valley, Ulster County, Southeastern NY
1978  Surface and Near-Surface Sediments in the Northern Part of Seneca Lake
1978  Syracuse Meltwater Channels
1978  Late Pleistocene History of South-Central Onondaga County
1977  Glacial Morphology of Upper Susquehanna Drainage
1976  Pleistocene History of The Millbrook Region
1975  Late Quaternary Geology of The Montauk Peninsula - Montauk Point to Southampton.
1975  Wisconsinan Glacial Stratigraphy and structure of Northwestern Long Island
1974  Glacial Geology and Buried topography in the Vicinity of Fredonia, Gowanda, and Zoar Valley
1973  Glacial Geology of The Western Finger Lakes Region
1973  Late Glacial and Postglacial Geology of The Genesee Valley In Livingston County
1973  Pinnacle Hills and The Mendon Kame Area - Contrasting Morainal Deposits
1973  Pleistocene and Holocene Sediments At Hamlin Beach State Park
1972  Glacial Geology of The Northern Chenango River Valley
1972  Syracuse Channels - Evidence of A Catastrophic Flood
1971  Some Pleistocene Features of St. Lawrence County
1970  Deglaciation of the Eastern Finger Lakes Region
1970  Proglacial Lake Sequence in the Tully Valley, Onondaga County
1970  Glacial HIstory of the Fall Creek Valley at Ithaca
1969  Late Pleistocene of the Champlain Valley, VT
1969  Surficial Geology and Geomorphology of Whiteface Mountain and Keene Valley
1969  Deglacial History of the Lake Champlain-Lake George Lowland
1969  Surficial Geology of the International Lead Company McIntyre Development at Tahawas
1968  Pleistocene Geology of the Montauk Peninsula
1968  Geology, Geomorphology, and Late-Glacial Environments of Western Long Island
1967  Pleistocene Geology of the Wallkill Valley

1995  History of Geology at Union College
1991  Founders of American Geology - Tombs, Labs, and Favorite Exposure, Limestones of the Capital District
1979  Geology At Rensselaer A Historical Perspective
1979  Geology in State Service
1978  Laudable Legacy synopsis of the titans of geology and paleontology in New York State
1978  Looking Back Over Half A Century - A Brief History of The New York State Geological Association
1978  A Brief History of The Department of Geology At Syracuse University

2015  Bennie’s Brook Landslide: A window into the igneous core of the Marcy Anorthosite
2012  Pegmatites of New York - The Batchellerville pegmatite
2010  Basalt Flows, granophyres, trondhjemites, and magma source of the Palisades Intrusive System
2001  Diabase Types and the Absence of Wall Rock Contamination at Northern NJ and Staten Island
1998  Palisades Sill, New York and New Jersey
1996  Early Jurassic Diabase Sheets and Basalt Flows, Newark Basin, NJ
1996  Serpentinites of New York City and Vicinity
1989  Watchung Basalts of Northern NJ
1989  Nyack Section of the Palisades - Facies, Contacts and Lava Domes
1975  Structure and Form of the Triassic Basalts In North Central New Jersey
 2017  Kimberlites in the Cayuga Lake Region of Central New York
2012  Kimberlitic rocks of New York - Dewitt Kimberlite
2007  Kimberlitic rocks of Central NY
1986  Kimberlites of The Finger Lakes Region

 2017  Updates on the glacial, aquifer, and geophysical data in the Genesee Valley, Dansville to Avon
2017  Penn Dixie Fossil Park & Nature Reserve: Classic Paleontological and Outdoor Education Center
2017  Bolivar Pioneer Oil Museum, history of petroleum production in  Allegany County Region
2014  Military geology of the Battle of Sackett’s Harbour (28 May 1813), Lake Ontario, NY
2014  Cambrian Nonconformity at Wellesley Island State Park Nature Center
2013  Penn Dixie Paleontological and Outdoor Education Center, Renowned Tourist Attraction
2013  Anthropocene (no road log)
2009  Role of imagery in popular geoscience writing - The Ice Age at North Lake
2006  Penn Dixie Site Paleontological & Outdoor Education Center
2004  Powers Farm uvite tourmaline occurrence
2004  Classic teaching localities in St. Lawrence County
2000  Geology and Development of Upstate New York's Distinctive Cobblestone Architecture
1999  Penn Dixie Paleontological and Outdoor Education Center

2017  Bolivar Pioneer Oil Museum, history of petroleum production in  Allegany County region
2013  End-Devonian geology in Northwest Pennsylvania and highlights of NY-PA gas-oil history
2008  New York's Unconventional gas shales summary and road log
2008  A primer on New York's gas shales
2006  Upper Devonian Rhinestreet black shale of western NY - Evolution of a hydrocarbon system
2006  Northern Appalachian Basin oil and gas historical perspective
1990  Geology and oil & gas exploration In Western NY
1982  Recent oil and gas developments on public lands in Western NY
1982  Subsurface expression and gas production of Devonian black shales in Western NY
1974  Geology and occurrence of oil and gas in Chautauqua County, NY

1997  Paleoclimatology of the Finger Lakes region
1997  North American Continental seasonality during the last millennium
1997  Geology, Limnology and Paleoclimatology of Green Lakes State Park
1987  Unusual Features of The New York Sector of The Appalachian Mountains
1987  Catskills Revisited
1985  A Case of Geologic Predestination
1974  Looks at the Present and the Recent Past
1973  A Comparison of Environments

 2011  Paleoecology of Middle Devonian black and gray shales, Central NY
2011  Marcellus Subgroup in its type area, Finger Lakes, and beyond
2006  Marine fossils of Middle Devonian paleoenvironments Western NY
2006  Life on the Edge - Death and Transfiguration in mud
2002  Dacryoconarid bioevents of the Onondaga Formation and the Marcellus Subgroup, Cherry Valley
2001  Age of dinosaurs in the Newark Basin, with special reference to the Lower Hudson Valley
2000  Mastodons
1999  Fossil Faunas and Microstratigraphy of the Upper Ludlowville Formation
1994  LeRoy Bioherm Revisited Evidence of a Complex Developmental History
1994  Devonian fossil localities in Western NY
1993  Quaternary paleoecology using fossil oribatid mites
1993  Preliminary evaluation of dubio fossils From The Potsdam Sandstone
1993  Distribution of trace fossils in high energy deposits of The Potsdam Sandstone, Champlain
1992  Non-fossiliferous and fossil-rich beds in the Hamilton Group - indicators of sedimentation rates
1992  Quantitative paleoecology of the Hamilton Group, Central NY
1992  Patterns of phyletic evolution in the Trenton Group
1991  Patterns of phyletic evolution in the Trenton Group
1987  Paleogeography and Brachiopod Paleoecology of The Onondaga Limestone In Eastern NY
1985  Roberts Hill and Albrights Reefs fauna - evidence for Eastern Onondaga sea-level fluctuation
1984  Animal-sediment relationships In Middle Ordovician habitats
1981  Paleocommunities of the Middle Devonian Onondaga Limestone, Central NY
1978  Faunal assemblages in the lower Hamilton Group, Onondaga County
1978  Benthic Communities of the Ludlowville and Moscow Formations in Tully Valley, Onondaga County
1978  Biostratigraphy and paleoecology of the Upper Devonian Ithaca Formation near Cortland
1977  Ichnofossils of The Tully Formation clastic correlatives In Eastern NY
1977  Paleoecology and stratigraphy of Ordovician Black River Group Limestones, Central Mohawk Valley
1977  Paleontology of The Lower Trenton Group, Central NY
1974  Biostratigraphy and paleoecology of the Windom Shale Member (Moscow Formation), Erie County
1972  Paleontological problems of the Middle Devonian Hamilton Group
1972  Paleoecology of Devonian Cherry Valley Limestone black limestone unit
1970  Benthic Communities of the Upper Devonian Genesee Group
1970  Paleontology of the Cortland Area
1969  Paleoecology of Lower Middle Ordovician Chazyan reefs or mounds

2018  Structural and stratigraphic features of the Taconic Foreland, Northwest VT
2018  Piseco Lake Shear Zone: A Shawinigan Cryptic Suture in the Southern Adirondacks
2018  Migmatites of the Eastern Adirondacks: New constraints on timing, petrology, and partial melting
2018  Iapetan rift-passive margin transitions in NE Laurentia and eustatic control on continental slope
2018  Geology of the Copper-Kiln landslide: A glimpse into the Marcy Massif Detachment Zone
2018  Geology of the Carthage-Colton Shear Zone and Lyon Mountain Granite: In Honor of Bruce Selleck
2016  Tectonic evolution of the western Hudson Highlands basement
2016  Petrogenesis and tectonics of pre-, syn-, and post-Ottawan granitoids of western Hudson Highlands
2016  Mineralization of the Orange Mountain basalt and co-magmatic Lower Palisades sill
2016  Late Proterozoic shear zones in the Western Hudson Highlands
2016  Crystalline mega-boudins along the leading edge of the Taconic Thrust Sheet, Orange County
2015  Precambrian geology of the Eagle Lake Quadrangle, Essex County
2015  Geology and petrology of the Mount Royal Pluton
2015  Geological evolution of the Eastern Adirondacks: New field petrologic and geochronological data
2014  Metamorphic petrography between Tupper Lake and Blue Mountain Lake
2014  Mesoproterozoic magmatism of Adirondack Lowlands and closure of Trans-Adirondack backarc basin
2012  Geology of the Black River Valley and the Western Adirondack Highlands.
2011  Quartz-sillimanite veins and nodules in Lyon Mountain Granite, Western Adirondacks
2010  Geochemical characterization of New York City schist formations
2009  Pre-Ottawan (1.09 Ga) infrastructure and tectonics of the Hudson Highlands
2009  Hydrothermal alteration, mass transfer and magnetite mineralization, Western Hudson Highlands
2009  Barrovian metamorphic sequence of Dutchess County and relationship to the Taconic Orogeny
2008  Geology of Adirondack anorthosite and related mangerite-charnockite-granite (AMCG Suite)
2008  Geology and geochronology of the Eastern Adirondacks
2008  Fluid alteration and Fe-mineralization of the Lyon Mountain granite
2006  Grenville Terrain, Canada
2005  Variations In L- and S-tectonites of the Piseco Lake Shear Zone, Adirondacks
2005  Exploring the root zone of an ancient fault-driven hydrothermal system In the Adirondack Lowlands
2004  Working across disciplines at the Adirondack highland-lowland boundary
2004  Precambrian basement and Cambrian-Ordovician strata in three Provincial Parks of Canada
2004  Metamorphic petrography between Tupper Lake and Blue Mountain Lake
2004  L- and S-tectonites of the Southern Adirondack Shear Zone
2004  Cordierite-bearing gneisses in West-Central Adirondack Highlands
2003  Late Ottawan ductile shearing and granitoid emplacement in the Hudson Highlands
2003  Geology and geochronology of the Southern Adirondacks
2002  Geology and geochronology of the Southern Adirondacks
2002  Metamorphism, cooling rates and monazite geochronology of the Southern Adirondacks
2002  Geology and geochronology of the Eastern Adirondacks
2002  Timing and depth of intrusion of the Marcy Anorthosite Massif
2002  Precambrian Geology of the Whitehall Area, Southeastern Adirondacks
2002  Metagabbros of the Southeastern Adirondacks: Evidence for syn- and post-kinematic suites
2001  Bedrock Geology, Geochemistry and Geochronology of Grenville in Western Hudson Highlands
1998  Barrovian Metamorphism in Dutchess County
1998  Transact across Carthage-Colton Mylonite Zone
1997  Timing of Intrusion, Anatexis, and Metamorphism in the Port Leyden Area of the Western Adirondacks
1995  Geochronology and Petrogenesis of Adirondack Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks
1993  Precambrian Geology of The Northwest Adirondack Lowlands: A Stratigraphic Viewpoint
1993  Rethinking Grenville-age deformation ductile shear in granitic gneisses of Adirondack Lowlands
1992  Precambrian geology of the Ausable Forks Quadrangle, Northeastern Adirondacks
1991  Geology and geochronology of the Southern Adirondacks
1991  Survey of Precambrian to Pleistocene general geology in Central NY
1989  Structure and petrology of Precambrian allochthon, autochthon and Paleozoic of Monroe
1988  Grenville calc-silicate, anorthosite, gabbro, and Fe-rich syenite from the Northeastern Adirondacks
1988  Metasedimentary and metavolcanic rocks of The Ausable syncline, Northeastern Adirondacks
1988  Dikes of the Northeast Adirondack Region
1985  Rocks and problems of the Southeastern Adirondacks
1984  Traverse across the southern contact of The Marcy Anorthosite Massif, Santanoni Quadrangle
1983  Stratigraphy, structure, and geochemistry of Grenvillian rocks in Northern NY
1983  General geology of the Adirondacks
1980  Precambrian rocks of the New Jersey Highlands
1979  Structural framework of the Southern Adirondacks
1979  Microstructure of a Vermont Slate, an Adirondack Gneiss, and laboratory specimens
1979  Precambrian structure and stratigraphy of The Southeastern Adirondack Uplands
1978  Structural framework and petrology of the Southern Adirondacks
1977  Structural Framework and Stratigraphy of The Southeastern Adirondacks
 1976  Structure, petrology and geochronology of the Precambrian rocks in the Central Hudson Highlands
1976  Progressive metamorphism In Dutchess County
 1975  Lower Paleozoic metamorphic stratigraphy and structure of Mamaroneck area
1972  Geology of the Canada Lake Nappe, Southern Adirondacks
1971  Grenville geology and the Precambrian/Paleozoic unconformity, Northwest Adirondacks
1971  Precambrian and Lower Paleozoic stratigraphy Northwest St. Lawrence and North Jefferson Counties
1969  Meta-anorthosite of the Jay-Whiteface Nappe, Northeast Adirondacks
1967  Structure and petrology of the Precambrian allochthon and Paleozoic sediments of Monroe Area

2017  Moscow Formation Deep Run Shale Member of the Finger Lakes
2016  Cretaceous fossil localities in Central NJ
2016  Stratigraphy, structure and tectonics of New York City Parks and Engineering Projects
2015  Geobotany of globally rare sandstone pavement barrens, Clinton County
2014  Black River and Trenton Groups, Northwestern NY
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2017  Tools and strategies for making and using virtual fieldwork experiences
2012  Technology in the field: GPS, iPads and Gigapans
2012  Teaching geologic map interpretation using Google Earth
2012  Working with LiDAR data in ArcGIS
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1999  Project SunSHINE -Students Help Investigate Nature in Eastchester
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1997  Holocene Paleoenvironmental Records from the Western Hemisphere
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1993  Cathodoluminescence In Sedimentary Petrology