2020 Field Conference Postponed to 2021

Please read message from Gary Solar, President NYSGA


The American Geosciences Institute invited NYSGA to partner on a study related to the impact of COVID.  If you wish to participate please follow link: Impacts of COVID-19 on the Geoscience Enterprise: How Permanent will Academic and Workforce Changes Be?

Our Mission

The New York State Geological Association is a group of geoscientists and geoscience enthusiasts that come together once a year for a weekend of field excursions to experience the geology of an area within New York, adjacent states, and Canada.
Through the Annual Field Conference and accompanying field guide, the association’s mission is to promote the general understanding of the geology of New York State.
The Annual Field Conference provides an excellent opportunity for geoscience students in New York to see and learn about other parts of the state. In fact, this was the original intent of conferences (peak attendance once reached >400 people). We encourage students and professionals alike to join!