Field Trip Guidebooks

Welcome to the NYSGA Guidebook Archive. Please feel free to download any files available on this site. Note that field guides for the years 2015-2018 are not available for download but can be purchased from the Executive Secretary (Sales)

Guidebooks are arranged by decade back to 1925 when the NYSGA held its first meeting. Inspect the images of guidebook covers to see changes in format and evolving technology over time. Guidebooks are listed by year, hosting organization, meeting location, and occasionally historical notes. Alternatively you can download guides from the Full List of all guidebooks without covers or notes.

For those interested in geo-referenced locations of all stops described in the Guidebooks please check out Google Earth files (.kml) painstakingly compiled by Dr. Otto Muller et al..


Notes on the History of NYSGA

As well as links to the guidebooks themselves, you'll find additional comments included where notable events occurred in the history of the NYSGA. These notes are largely taken from the summary pages by Manfred Wolff and Kurt Lowe (1978). Find their descriptions of the organization's early history below.

Looking back over half a century of the NYSGA by M.P. Wolff and K.E. Lowe (1978)

A short history of the first 30 years (1925-1955) of the NYSGA by M.P. Wolff (1978) 


Also of Interest

"To A Cambrian Trilobite" by Barbara Eaton Ferguson (1949)